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authored 2 years ago:

Ready for Rock´n´Roll and spoiling the Russians

"You´re spoiling them" my boss mumbles when he sees what we´re preparing for our Budker staff. Of course that´s nonsense, but he thinks it´s not. Well, of course I have prepared some little welcome package with some information for them, on Berlin´s public traffic, some maps of town and Adlershof neighbourhood and so. And of course this information will be put into one of HZB´s much-coveted green cotton bags,


and, yes of course we will pick them up at the Airport and accompany them to their apartments. But that´s just what they did for us when we came to Novosibirsk 2013 and 2014. (And yet my boss doesn´t even know of the flower bunch in my mind - if he knew that, he were right, of course.) So what the heck - why not spoil them a little.

Everytime I climb down the stairs to the sublevel hall I feel like entering an ancient egyptian tomb.


Meanwhile the magnets are awaiting their assemply and the floor of the accelerator hall has been swept. It´s very clean and shiny. Our colleagues have prepared everything.


The tool trolleys are full of brandnew stuff and still locked.


We´ll head for the airport on Friday morning. So in general - everything ready for Rock´n´Roll.