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authored 2 years ago:

Awaiting Budker´s Eleven

The HZB institutes for Accelerator Science and SRF Science & Technology (Superconducting Radio Frequency) hold a strong and for a long time already traditional cooperation with the Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics, BINP in Novosibisk (Russia). "Budker", as we say here, helped to design and then built the magnets for the new Energy Recovery Linac Project bERLinPro.

Hm... If now this siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, somewhere more than 5000 km´s east from here, builds some magnets for some new accelerator, what´s going to happen next...? I asked myself, three years ago when I more and more got it what was going on between Berlin and the far-away-Taiga.

Ha! I will tell you what happens. In the coming weeks I will sneak around, take photos and talk about what happens here. It´s gonna be thrilling!

Flashback: On Friday, 21st of October, two red trucks, loaded with heavy tons of iron, arrived at BESSY:


They had been driving 5225 km from Akademgorodok to Adlershof in nine days, changing drivers in Belarus.


We were all very excited. Unloading the dipoles, quadrupoles and girders took until 8 o´clock in the evening. We had it planned before, but suddenly more hands were needed, and many colleagues unexpectedly joined to help (but not all wanted to be pictured, that´s why on this photo there are not many visible).



The magnets are currently being stored in our so called "Testing Halle", awaiting their assemly. And who, if not Budker´s staff, can do it better? Exactly!

So it was a great part of my job the last weeks to getting much of it prepared to have Yaroslav, Pavel, Anton, Dmitrii, Vladimir, Evgenii, Aleksei and three Nikolay´s here for three weeks, landing at Schoenefeld airport on February 10th. I am looking forward to watching those "Magnet Maniacs" assembling, hearing them talking Russian... And one Nikolay even brings his wife Elena with him. She comes to see Berlin. So, all together, we are awaiting "Budker´s Eleven".

Stay tuned on this channel!

  • authored 2 years ago:

    Looking forward to read more on these "magnetic maniacs" and how they will assemble all these magnetic parts into the structures required for the energy recovery linac.