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authored a year ago:

Welcome to GunLab!

Last week I saw something:

SichtaufGun RödelaufBoden

This looks like a big mess. But it´s not at all a mess. I would like to explain you this, but I need to do that in very careful steps.

Well, last week... ...one of our scientists, Thorsten, met me on our corridor... ...in front of my office... ...and he told me, "hey, Roswitha, you should go to the HoBiCaT bunker and have a look what´s going on there-great things to see!"

Of course I was curious and went to the HoBiCaT bunker.

What is HoBiCaT??? you may ask, do they now have a cat? Well, we would love to have a cat here, but until we´ve got one, it´s a Lab, a testing facility, an item which looks like a ton, and the name stands for Horizontal bi-cavity testing facility. It´s a thing located in a radiation shielded bunker - the HoBiCaT bunker. This bunker is one of the favourite playgrounds of the SRF scientists and engineers (and -pssst!- my boss).

The HoBiCaT thing itself is a ton to test cavities:


But there´s is another huge ton-like item standing around there, this silver shiny object...


That thing is "the Gun", and it´s called gun because it makes electrons go fast.

What electrons? Where do they come from? What is their job and how many? Questions over questions.

I will want to answer them all as good as I can, in the coming days and weeks. I will try to explain you a photo cathode, we will see a transfer system, we will talk about copper and niobium cavities, and we will hopefully see first results of experiments in a diagnosis beamline. And I will ask the scientists and engineers to explain it to me "as if I were 12 years old" (and -pssst!- my boss).

Welcome to GunLab!