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business as (un)usual

authored 2 years ago:


BESSY daily attracts people from all over the world, such as scientific visitors, users, summer students, school classes, exchange studens and so on and so on. We are used to seeing people come, stay and go. But hey guys, what´s recently going on here ? For two weeks now we are observing more and more - mostly young - people gathering in front of our main entrance. The crowds come by afternoon, stay the night, staring into their smartphones...

Yes, you´ve got it, the answer is simple: BESSY is a PokeStop.


For those who have yet not arrived in the Hype of "Pokémon Go", here is the explanation: PokeStops are places that allow you to collect cool items such as balls or eggs. And those items are needed to capture more Pokémons.


These PokeStops are usually located at selected places. These can be monuments, buildings, historical markers, and, as e.g. BESSY, institutions of public interest. Gamers identify them on their smartphone screens with blue icons. When they are close enough to interact with the icon, they can collect their items. The icon turns to inactive, but after five minutes it refreshes and you can try again. Since BESSY is located within the range of the "eduroam" WiFi, it´s just awesome to stock up here even for those who have limited mobile data volume. Conveniently, we here at BESSY don't need to move far away from our PokeStop for it to refresh and can catch items quite often!

So far, so funny. The sad point is, some people forget about the environment. The place in front of our entrance night by night turns to look like after a party... and appeals to using the waste bin provided unfortunately failed. Hey! Come on, gamers! Look into your smartphones and have the hell of a fun - but show some respect, please! Leaving waste behind is a Pokémon No GO!