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business as (un)usual

authored 2 years ago:

These boots are made for walking...

Nancy Sinatra sang, and asked, "are you ready, boots?"

On Friday nine out of ten of "our Siberians" landed. Landung

By the arrival of the last colleague yesterday the Budker team is now complete.

On Saturday we strolled sightseeing a couple of hours around Berlin. No problem for them - but due to heavy minus degrees I nearly froze myself to death.

So, today we had our first briefing at 8:30, planning the progress of the assembling works, and after that the first test girder in the BESSY machine was checked. Some of the engineers had build it up during the last weeks, for training reasons. Following that a first glimpse into the accelerator hall took place. After that safety outfits were needed.

Helmeundschuhegross Kleidung

These guys, for whatever reasons, are fast, very fast. Shopping was planned for the afternoon, but since we got through the briefing and the following procedures faster that planned this morning, after lunch they changed clothes, got dressed and wanted to start unpacking the magnets.



Wow! Their boots are made for working, and they are ready, boots!

  • authored 2 years ago:

    You are the best, Roswitha! It needs not only scientists to make good science happen. It needs engineers, craftsmen, cooks, travel agents and organisers like you too.