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authored 2 years ago:

Moving magnets and a missing bunch of flowers

Maybe it´s trivial, but to me it´s not. Watching a new accelerator "growing" is not only about science, money, regular meetings, having a building site with various companies and whatever else. It´s a story of a million details which have to be considered and lined like beads on a chain. Hence for me it´s always a little adventure and highly fascinating to sneak a round to Testing Halle or the building site.

I wrote about Budker´s Eleven. Before they come, currently the magnets and girders are being moved from the Testing Halle (what a strange mixup of a word - but "boss" strongly resists to change it to another name) to the underground accelerator hall.

MagneteTestingHalle Last night was the last night that they "slept" there. I like these tiny, little packages.

Gabelstapler Each is being taken underground by a crane and then to the accelerator hall by a forklift.

Magnete The magnets after arrival in the accelerator hall

In parallel, holes are currently being drilled into the ground. The drilling points have been marked by the engineers before. The holes are needed for fixing the girders, and the girders are needed for carrying the magnets. And the magnets are needed for making the future electrons fast.


But that´s not all. One more point was to consider. When the Budker team comes, they will need a room. They will propably have und use plans. Physicists, engineers, technicians will need to meet and talk, and so on and so on. So a room had to be prepared for this. After passing the new tool trolleys yesterday...


I got a glimpse of what some engineers had prepared in the brandnew room in the 1st floor of Testing Halle.


The first impression is, ehem- this looks very sober and bare. But if you look at it closely - the way the colleagues exactly placed the chairs around the table, and the way they placed the coat rack, aren´t these elaborate details? Looking at this, my sudden idea was "the only thing missing is a bunch of flowers on the table". Well - why not?

  • authored 2 years ago:

    Thank´s for taking us along. It is great to see the pictures and watch the accelerator evolve. The meeting room looks even barer when you consider how some of the machines in the BESSY hall get decorated!