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Núria from Barcelona

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Once the initial euphoria was down, I was lucky to meet Núria Llobera Vila from Barcelona, Spain, who is currently working on her Master thesis at EMIL. We agreed to meet on a Monday and start the week with an observation and a discussion about her work. But, even in science things sometimes do not go as planned – and we had to reschedule our meeting for the following Monday since the lab was in a servicing mode. The following Monday was rainy and gloomy; nevertheless Núria and I met and since we both come from sunny countries – I´m from Macedonia – we could not resist from talking a bit about the cold German weather. Núria is a Physics graduate – just like I am – and she visited the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin for the first time during her Bachelor studies. Unsurprisingly, she loved Berlin, its versatile life-style and vibrant international young population on the one hand and HZB and the advanced research on the other and thus she decided to do her Master thesis at EMIL. Núria thinks this is a great opportunity for her, since it offers her to be among the first young scientists who will use the benefits EMIL is offering. Núria’s research focus is on the so-called novel perovskite thin-film solar cells. With the fully automatized equipment at EMIL she can grow these thin films and characterize them without air-exposure, i.e. with almost no contamination.

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    Dear Dr. Helms, thank you. I hope you are enjoying the upcoming writings as well :)

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    Welcome Núria and thanks Ivona for your interesting writing. I am looking forward to read more from you.