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authored 2 years ago:

The future is left to us!

As I left EMIL, I could not stop from reflecting to Núria’s words and wonder: how is it possible that part of the World’s population still refuses to accept that the World’s primary energy demand increases and the Climate Change is getting worse, regardless of the fact that researchers and environmentalists work non-stop to tackle these problems? How many more fancy machines and lab equipment do we need, how many novel energy materials and how many more results and proofs before we really convince the whole world that we are in an urgent need for not only novel technologies and changes in the energy sector, but also changes in our habits and life-styles?

The future is left to us – the motivated and knowledge-thirsty youth and although this does not mean that all of us should be working on developing novel solar cells technologies, it does certainly mean that we should all be interested in the current issues and dedicated in trying to find solutions. As a Physicist, renewable energy activist and researcher, huge lover of the nature and the environment and now - a newly trying blogger, I hope that my writing will wake up or increase your curiosity about the energy and climate change problems we encounter today!

  • authored 2 years ago:

    Thank you. I am really glad my words were inspiring and insightful to you all. :)

  • authored 2 years ago:

    Thank you very much. I am glad my writings were inspiring and insightful to you.

  • authored 2 years ago:

    Such nice closing words - thank you so much for these insights and thoughts!

  • authored 2 years ago:

    Hi Ivona, I hugely enjoyed your reports from the frontiers of solar cell research! Learnt a lot about EMIL and Co. Thank you so much and good luck for your next endeavors!