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A day at EMIL

authored 2 years ago:

Entering the high-tech lab EMIL

It was the end of October and I was starting to count the end of my intern days at the Helmholtz Zentrum in Berlin. However, I already knew that before I left, this research institute would offer me once again an amazing opportunity to observe and learn about its great labs and edge-cutting research. One workshop on scientific writing during my internship stirred up my ever-present passion about writing and not long after I was given the possibility to visit EMIL – the Energy Materials In-Situ Laboratory Berlin and report on my experience there for the ZLOG. As Physics graduate who spent a decent amount of her time in a lab, I did not expect that entering in a high-tech lab would confuse me and thrill me so much at the same time. The first thought that ran through my mind was that people should be a bit careful in this room – still in commissioning phase there are cables everywhere and the probability that someone trips if she or he is not careful – is quite high. On the other hand, you could see big, shiny, silver UFO-looking like compartments everywhere (these are EMIL’s ”backbone”). If these and the attached deposition and analysis chambers do not make you curious, then I do not know what will!