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Beginning to move in


  • authored 4 years ago:

    Coming up: IPS-20, the 20th International Conference on Conversion and Storage of Solar Energy

    The conference will take place July 27 - August 1, 2014 in Berlin.Registration is open until July 14, 2014.Topics:Solar water splitting and CO2 conversionMolecular and biomimetic artificial photosynthesisHybrid organic/inorganic perovskite solar cellsDye sensitized solar cellsOrganic polymers and quantum dots solar cellsPhotocatalysis and environmental chemistryPhotoelectrochemistry and new …

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  • authored 4 years ago:

    Getting ready

    We are glad about the successful vacuum transfer of fresh chalcopyrite samples, because those measurements will provide valuable preliminary data for the experiments we are going to run at the new EMIL lab.Meanwhile, construction here is proceeding at impressive speed. Just take a look at our webcam! Soon, we’ll begin to move in the first equipment.

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