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Egg, spoon, vacuum

authored 4 years ago:

The transferbox has landed in Adlershof!

… finally after several attempts, we succeeded in transferring a CIGSe sample from the growth chamber in Wannsee to Adlershof without breaking the vacuum.

The as-grown sample was analysed by photoelectron spectroscopy (PES) in the CISSY system, a dedicated surface analysis and preparation system which is located at BESSY II on the Wilhelm-Conrad-Röntgen Campus and which is suitable for synchrotron based measurements as well.


For the first time, PE spectra were obtained with incredibly low oxygen and carbon contamination, just looking like spectra from a native chalcopyrite absorber surface which did not see any oxygen and water due to transport under ambient conditions (exposure to air).


With this new option, having access to such kind of samples, we hope to be able to investigate the CIGSe surface and respective interfaces with unequaled precision, using for the first time synchrotron light as excitation source. The entire team is very happy! We see this as a big chance with a lot of exciting work to do in the future …


  • authored 4 years ago:

    It has its peaks but in the end it all goes down. Good job measuring the curve of life.

    No, seriously - congratulations and good luck for the future! Just reading things like "breaking the vacuum" and "carbon contamination" brought back some bad memories...