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Egg, spoon, vacuum

authored 4 years ago:

Today: 37 kilometres without oxygen

The day has come at last. Today, Wolfram Calvet and his team will perform their first complete test run of the new vacuum based transfer unit, that will allow them to bring freshly processed samples of chalcopyrite absorber from the processing site in Wannsee to the CISSY-facility in Adlershof for analysis without oxygen or other contamination.

All procedures have been tested – and tested again – individually. "So now it just has to work", says engineer Karsten Prietzel, who designed the components. "Everything else is simply not acceptable. It would just mean that one of us hasn't been focused enough, and that would be really frustrating. The worst that could happen would be that we drop the sample. If we drop it, it falls all the way to the bottom of the tube and there is no way that we can retrieve it under vacuum. We would have to abort the test and try again next week."