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EMIL and the flying saucers

authored 3 years ago:

Moving in

After the last tedious stretch in building the EMIL building, months of dealing with things like what sink can fit the staff kitchen, cracked window sills and pneumatic fittings it is a real pleasure to see EMIL´s inner life take shape.

The research hardware and lab equipment are coming in by the week. Some of them prime pieces of equipment that feel like really big presents even though I don´t get to unwrap them all (fortunately).

Space is filling quickly as the engineers are setting up the machines. Once they are finished each one will be tested here to make sure we see the performance we had during factory testing before each production and analytics line is tested as a whole.

To get there we will have to take it one hurdle at a time. Meaning for now, getting all of the equipment in its designated space and tested solo. Quite a time consuming task when you have a piece like the ultra-high vacuum transport system for example with all its not so tiny UFO´s that is being installed right now. Each chamber needs to sit in perfect alignment to the next, absolute level.