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authored 3 years ago:

Deposition system- hello "elevator" goodbye vacuum transfer box

Bringing the deposition system in place and connected to the ultra high vacuum transfer system was quite a bit of a task because they need to line up exactly. They are connected by an "elevator" making it possible to transfer samples directly from the deposition to the sample separation chamber in the ultra high vacuum transfer system and then on to parts of the analysis. This direct connection is really cool and will save endless time. I just had a look at the sample transfer that was documented last year. Transferring the sample from the deposition into the vacuum transfer box, driving it from Wannsee to Adlershof to then maneuver the sample out of the box and into the analysis without breaking the vacuum or the sample. What an ordeal! It is quite easy to see why everybody is so excited to get the unit as a whole up and running.

Before Florian Ruske and his team can actually test the deposition system solo and then in combination with the ultra high vacuum transfer system they have to wait for the last connections to be made. The most important ones being cooling water, compressed air and gas.

Picture: The deposition system in front and in the back the ultra high vacuum transfer system that then connects to the analysis which is not in frame.