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authored 4 years ago:

Transport Damage

This is what is not supposed to happen. I finally got the last of four cylinder mirrors for the CISSY-beamline from the manufacturer in southern Germany for final inspection.

When I opened the package, this is what I should have seen: A smooth surface without any damages.

Instead, I found this:

A damaged mirror with a huge break at the backside of the mirror. It's a pretty bad mess. The whole point of the mirrors, and all the measurements is to make sure that there isn't the slightest bump in the mirror, let alone a scratch. And now we have this.

I called in the team to discuss the damage and the consequences. Producing a new mirror would take weeks, and the entire project is on a pretty tight schedule, so we don't really have that kind of time.

But maybe not all is lost. This is still a blank, we might be able to find some unharmed stretches and modify the mirror slighly. I will meet with the manufacturer on Monday and do the measurements. Wish us luck.