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authored 3 years ago:

Great Controllers, Encoders looking good

We are almost done with our encoder testing procedures and it is looking good for our plans to work with absolute encoders at the EMIL beamline. We tested different engines and speeds, we made endurance tests and took the encoders apart as far as it was technically feasible. They still work fine.

We also found, that the construction of the encoder ring and readhaed mount unit will be critical. This will be a tough job for the designers. For example, the encoders react very sensitively to changes in temperature, so the mounting must be able to compensate for that.

To establish a new system like this is a lot of extra work for all of us, but it would have so many advantages! If we get it to work well for EMIL, it could be extended to all of the BESSY II-beamlines as a replacement for our ageing hardware.

Next week, I will be taking part in a Delta Tau Power Brick workshop with our colleagues at the Diamond Light Source in the UK, where they have been using the Geo Bricks controllers that we are testing for EMIL for quite a while. I am very much looking forward to hear about their experience.


[Image: Diamond Light Source, UK]