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From Solar Cells to Green IT - New Materials for Energy Transition

authored 2 years ago:

The egg and spoon race is over!

Remember those times when you had to prepare your sample in a specialized lab and then carefully transport it to another lab where the sample could be analyzed - all without breaking the vacuum and low temperature conditions?

Well finally, this egg and spoon race is now over, thanks to EMIL!

EMIL is short for Energy Materials In-Situ Lab - the magic word in here is "In-Situ": In this new lab, five different experimental end-stations are directly connected to two beamlines of BESSY II. This enables scientists to prepare, modify and examine samples of many shapes and sizes all in one vacuum system.

With EMIL's official inauguration taking place at the end of this month, with the following posts we would like to give you an overview of EMIL's groundbreaking research opportunities and their applications. From solar fuels and photovoltaics to spintronics and thermoelectrica - a lot of exciting research is lying ahead!