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Watching the Secret Lives of Atoms

Selected Source

Dr. Gerd Reichardt

Physicist, HZB ⁄ Institute for Silicon Photovoltaics, EMIL-Project Team

1982-1989: Study of Physics at Technical University of Kaiserslautern

1989: Diploma in Experimental Physics: “Investigation of the triplet continuum of molecular Hydrogen after excitation by electron bombardment”

1989-1993: PhD Student in Experimental Physics

1993: Dr. rer. nat. ; Faculty of Physics, University of Kaiserslautern: “Investigation of quasi-bound rotational levels in the ground state of molecular Hydrogen by VUV spectroscopy with Synchrotron Radiation”

1993-2008: Beamline Scientist at BESSY

1998-2012: Beamtime Coordination at the BESSY-Facility

2009-2010: In-service training in General Management, degree: certified Manager, Malik-Management Centre St. Gallen

Since May 2012: Technical Project Management of EMIL

Lebensmotto: "Muße, nicht Arbeit, ist das Ziel des Menschen." — Oscar Wilde, Der Sozialismus und die Seele des Menschen