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hzbHFM • Building the Strongest Magnet­ in the World of Neutron Scattering

Inside matter(s)

authored 3 years ago:

Let the science begin!

There are many materials surrounding us in everyday life that we put to use but do not fully understand why they work well in their use. Or why for instance they only work well in certain temperatures. It is the inside of the materials that hold these secrets.

So if we better understand the inside of materials and how they behave at certain temperatures and magnetic fields we can drive forward the development of new materials and a much more effective use of the ones we are already using.

The first friendly user Karel Prokes started testing the high field magnet with the HFM and EXED team in late May. One of the first revelations was: Forget the special super glues. Only the most ordinary stuff will let your sample stick to the sample holder when the high field magnet is pulling full force. Having over come these basic problems a first user has to deal with he has started his “real” measurements anxious to see what will now unfold.