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Building the Strongest Magnet­ in the World of Neutron Scattering

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Dr. HartmutE

Physiker, HZB ⁄ High Field Magnet

1995 Physics diploma at University of Kiel, experiments with plasma waves

1999 Phd at Faculty of Engineering Kiel, "Mass dependence of diffusion in the supercooled liquid state of bulk metallic glasses"

1999-2002 Postdoc at Max-Planck-Institut für Plasmaphysik Garching, charge-exchange spectroscopy at Li-beam

2002-2007 Scientist at fusion experiment "Wendelstein 7-X" at Greifswald, tests of the superconducting magnetic field coils

Since Sep. 2007 working for the "High Field Magnet Project"