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About this platform

… or what is a zlog?

The Site

For the next months and years, HZB will be setting up a number of new instruments and research facilities. These design and construction processes often appear complicated and protracted, but they also provide unique opportunities for a behind the scenes look into science and the mechanics and mechanisms that are integral part of it. Here we want to document some of these processes. The site is open for everyone — we invite HZB staff as well as potential instrument users, other scientists and the general public to share their experiences and take part in the conversation. Because we think that science is much more than a set of published results. It’s a process and a way of thinking. And it is worth following the questions.

The Name

Originally we called the project HZB-Zukunftslogbuch, which is a bit of a lengthy beast. So we cut it down to a nice hashtaggable HZBzlog, with HZB for Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin, z for Zukunft (future) and log for Logbuch (logbook). We pronounce it [tsɛt.lɔg] in German and [ˈzɛdlɒg] in English, but of course you are free to speak it any way you like.

Another thing about languages: We will write in English OR German, according to topic and gusto, and we invite you to do the same. For practical reasons, there will be no translated mirror sites. When in doubt about content or meaning, please ask.

Community Guidelines

We want this to be a welcoming place for discussions and stories and we expect participants to keep conversations inviting and appropriate, even when they don’t agree on specific issues. We will monitor the site and moderate comments we find inappropriate. If you still spot something problematic, you can help us by reporting it here.

The Team

HZB Head of Communications
Dr. Ina Helms
HZB Editorial Team
Dr. Antonia Rötger, Hannes Schlender, Silvia Zerbe, Kerstin Berthold, Andreas Kubatzki
Editorial concept and project coordination
Kerstin Hoppenhaus, Sibylle Grunze
Platform design and realization
Distribution and Social Media Marketing