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We usually assume that The Great Unknown lies somewhere near the poles, or deep in the jungle or elsewhere in the universe.

But in fact much of it lies in things we can hold in our hands: in magnets and crystals and cells, and in future materials that we have barely learnt to make, like superconductors, nano engines, quantum computers.
These things are full of mysteries. To unravel them is the task of the scientists and engineers at HZB. These things are also very small. The only way to look at them is with really big machines.

Some of those are being built at HZB right now.
These are their stories.

featured projects

#BESSY • The ideal microscope for space and time

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#hzbNEAT • The Path of the Neutron

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#hzbEMIL • Watching the Secret Lives of Atoms

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latest episodes

  • #BESSY

    business as (un)usual

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    authored a month ago:

    Pillar of the frost

    Two huge Helium tanks are chilling in BESSY´s garden for more than five years already, awaiting their job-to-do when the new bERLinPro energy recovery project starts to run. Today a third huge item burst the scene: An 18 meters Nitrogen tank arrived from Czech Republic, coming in here in the morning hours. The driver must have been a guy from hell: He precisely manoeuvred the tank backwards …

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  • #hzbNEAT

    What NEAT sees best

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    authored 7 months ago:

    Interview with Dr. Margarita Russina: Explore with high intensity (Part 2)

    The first user experiment is coming up soon and the scientists are curious about the results. Before that, Dr. Margarita Russina took the time to speak about the NEAT project and its correlated research.The scientists in your team, like Gerrit Günther and Veronika Grzimek, are researching very different materials and effects. What experiment is your favorite one and what comes first?We are looking …

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  • #hzbEMIL

    From Solar Cells to Green IT - New Materials for Energy Transition

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    authored 9 months ago:

    [email protected]

    Wenn ihr wissen möchtet wie die Grenzfläche zwischen Soße und Fleisch in eurem Hamburger aussieht, …

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  • #hzbHFM

    Inside matter(s)

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    authored a year ago:

    lichtblick Porträt über Annika Bande

    Forschung ist das Bahnen neuer Wege. Im etablierten Wissenschaftssystem ist das allerdings manchmal …

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